A theme is the easiest way to adapt Kepler to your use case, it can be defined as a Kepler plugin and can be contain static resources and new pages embedded in the application’s routing.

To create new themes a good idea is to extend what is already present in the plugin Kepler theme.
The plugin theme is a simple Kepler plugin, it simply adds image files(assets) and css code to the basic Kepler User Interface defined in the meteor package that contains the core-ui basic html structure.

To observe the changes made from the theme plugin to the Kepler interface you can try with the command:
meteor remove Keplerjs:theme
everything will continue to work but you will have a Kepler instance ugly and skeletal with the basic css of the libraries.

A Kepler plugin that implements a theme is the fastest way with which you can have your own customized Kepler instance without breaking your head on the business logic.
only a copy of Kepler will be needed with its basic plugins and then with the “meteor add mytheme-Kepler” command to add and keep.

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